Why Posmono_?

We were sick and tired of carrying fat, bulky wallets around. They wouldn’t fit in any pocket and you’d end up carrying a bag for the sole purpose of bringing your wallet with you. So we took action.

The alternatives out there were either not stylish enough or simply over-priced. So we brought Posmono_ Ultra Slim Wallet to the market: A healthy compromise and a real game changer.

Does Posmono_ Ultra Thin Wallet come in any other colours?

Not yet but we’d love to hear what you have in mind! Get in touch with us and let us know what the next colour should be!

Slim usually means no dividing sleeves...

Many manufacturers achieve a slim look by removing the dividing sleeves between the cards. That ends up creating friction between your precious cards and they just get damaged faster — Really, that’s the opposite a wallet should do!

That’s not the case for Posmono_. We do not sacrifice quality for design.

I love the Posmono_ Ultra Slim Wallet. Can I retail it?

We don’t have any retailers to date but ping us an email, we’d be happy to chat to you!

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes. It will be delivered straight to your inbox!

How long will delivery take?

Shipping times really depend on where exactly you get your Posmono_ Ultra Slim delivered to. Our guarantee is that we will have it in the post in the 24h following your order.

What about the shipping costs?

Regardless of where we have to ship your Posmono_ Ultra Slim Wallet, we will only charge you €3.99. Deliveries to Ireland are free.

My order never arrived!

Simply get in touch with us, we will track the parcel and find out where it is!

The wallet was damaged.

We check every item before it goes out but you never know what can happen on the way to you. Get in touch with our customer service department, we will look after you!

I want a refund, no reasons needed.

Sure, we will take back the wallet and refund you in full within 30 days. Please note we will not refund you the shipping costs. Get in touch with our customer service.

Any Question ?

Couldn’t find the answer to your question? No problem, we’re available and happy to help!

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